Experienced staff with over 100 employees ready to work in all shifts.
Availability of services in 24*7 environments, at your preferred time zone.
Flexible project cost option of either fixed or hourly price.
Experienced team for working and communicating with global clients.
KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing
BPO – Business Process Outsourcing
LPO – Legal Process Outsourcing
AKPO – Account Knowledge Process Outsourcing
RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Company Overview :
VOTOS Communications Limited is a flagship division of Madhur Stones, a privately owned India based corporation, which is into mining and exports of Granites, Marbles and Sandstones and has been in business since 15 years. However since March 2010 with the Formation of VOTOS, our focus has been in Business Process Outsourcing. We believe in providing Business performance improvement with customer satisfaction at highest priority. We believe in Mutual Beneficial Association by providing cost effective and time bound services with best Quality. VOTOS is committed towards constant attempt on innovation and excellence with high level of Integrity and Transparency.
Vision Mission and Values :

At  VOTOS   we envision to constantly innovate in order to have superior execution for our clients, thereby creating wealth for all the stakeholders.”
This vision is further articulated through the acronym VIEW, which guides our thoughts, plans and actions, a cause for our efficiency and customer focus and a trademark from the very beginning.

At   VOTOS, our vision, view, provides a framework for our operations. To achieve our goals, we approach this company vision with the mantra — happy employees and   happy customers.
Happy employees 
Provide progressive opportunities and platforms that nurture people to participate, learn and unleash prosperity through constant and relevant engagement.
Happy customers
Co-create with our customers and provide them superior value through our global delivery platform and a class of service that is customized and innovative to meet and exceed their expectations.

Customer satisfaction at the highest Priority. We believe in Business Performance Improvement. Cost Effective and time bound services from us with Best Quality. Maintaining high level of Integrity and Transparency. Believe in mutual benefit Association. Constant attempt of innovation and excellence.
Passionate, responsive, inspiring, innovative, honest, focused, energetic and committed.
Management :
VOTOS brings together an experienced team of technology, business and social visionaries, business leaders who have a deep understanding about the dynamic economic and business environment.
VOTOS Profile :
  • We originated with BPO services and are  primarily dealing with local companies in India
  • We   got our first contract in data processing from Leading Bank in India.
  • Our facility are strategically located in Ahmedabad,700 miles south of  Mumbai with Representive office on C.G Road,  Ahmedabad
  • Built up area of more than 10000 + Sq ft.
Advantage with VOTOS :
  •  Experienced staff with over 100 employees ready to work in all shifts
  •  Availability of services in 24*7 environments, at your preferred time zone.
  •  Flexible project cost option of either fixed or hourly price.
  •  Experienced team for working and communicating with global clients.
  • Ability to quickly understand your requirements and implementing best practices to complete projects which helps your core business.
  • Infrastructure scalability according to project and process requirement.
  • Our simple and clear approach which attempts to make your satisfactions our highest priority
Advantage with INDIA :
  • Large pool of English speaking and Computer literate professionals.
  • Wide gap between personal costs in India and developed countries.
  • Well recognized Information Technology skills.
  • Excellent Infrastructure for Training and development.
  • Excellent Telecom infrastructure for Easy connectivity.
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